Physical health and fitness

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Physical activity is essential in maintaining good health and fitness for children. Parents have a critical role in guiding the children toward a healthy lifestyle, and physical activity is crucial. 


In order to grow and stay healthy, your child needs physical activity. It’s your responsibility as a parent, to guide your children into a healthy lifestyle. That is why we encourage you to become informed about the ways in which you can aid your children’s well being.

  Physical activity needs:

Your children need a minimum of  60 minutes of moderate physical activity daily. Keep in mind that in a traditional school your children would most likely have 30 minutes of recess and some sort of physical education class. This is why as an online schooling parent, you should place greater importance in the physical activity of your children.

  Physical Activity Ideas:

-Go on family walks

-Play with your children in the backyard or at a park

-Sign up your children for organized sports

-Do a family online workout

-Buy physical activity toys instead of video games

-Encourage your children to play outside throughout the day


Every child is unique and each one of them has a different personality. This is why you should be patient when it comes to your children’s physical activity. If your child is not responding to your physical activity encouragement, try new options and get creative in how you motivate your kid.

  Motivation tips:

-Explain to your kids that being physically active will make them healthy and strong

-Organize family competitions

-Reward your kid after they try new things or achieve goals

-Become physically active yourself (children often imitate our own habits and lifestyles)


What is the minimum time my children should be physically active throughout the day?

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Which one of the following would count as a physical activity:

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Which of the following would count as a physical activity:

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If my child doesn’t want to join a soccer team I could?

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Physical health and fitness


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